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Latest Articles

  • Court Approval of Wrongful Death/Fatal Accident Settlements. +

    In most states, a court must approve a wrongful death settlement. This is so the settlement proceeds goes to the correct people and so that the court makes certain that the settlement is appropriate... Read More
  • Loss of Consortium Claim in a Wrongful Death or Fatal Accident Case. +

    Some states will allow family members to recover for the lost relationship with the person killed; while other states do not recognize that damages claim... Read More
  • Negotiations with Insurance Companies in a wrongful death case. +

    In most cases, the insurance company settles with the family before a lawsuit is filed. Even if the lawsuit is filed, most cases settle before trial... Read More
  • Distracted Driver Wrongful Death +

    Recent studies have shown that up to 50% of drivers talk on cell phones while driving and a significant number of drivers text while driving... Read More
  • Parts of a Typical Wrongful Death Case. +

    If a person, corporation, or government is causes the death of a person, that person’s family can sue the responsible party... Read More
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